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Play blackjack against the computer


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If you've played blackjack before, you know it's a really fun and addictive casino game.

The goal is to get to 21 by adding up the value of the cards dealt to you. To win, you have to reach 21 without going over, or at least get a higher number than the dealer. Each card is worth its number value; kings, jacks, and queens are worth 10 points; and the ace is worth 11 points.

BlackTec is a decent PC version of the game in which your opponent is Diego, a character created by the game.

BlackTec has everything you need to spend hours perfecting your game, no matter whether you're an expert or just starting to learn.

The dealer begins by dealing two cards to each player, and the rest of the game depends on you. In BlackTec, you can bet anything you want, just like in a casino, but without the fear of losing all your money.

The trial version is limited to a fixed time period.

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